Andromeda is made of Purple Phantom, Garnet, Fire Agate, Goldstone, set on gold plated hardware.

Purple Phantom (Crown Chakra): Helps individuals who have become stuck, or bogged down. Helps to release mental barriers and helps in higher consciousness, facilitating, cooperative, solution finding style of energy. Brings people closer together to bring about positive changes supported by one and all – with love, understanding and empathy. Helps with determination, growth and achievement of results.

Goldstone (Sacral Chakra): The stone of ambition. It magnetizes abundance, harmonizes all types of relationships and motivates the creativity of the wearer. It builds energy, courage and a positive attitude. Increases drive and confidence. A gently uplifting stone, it promotes vitality. Helps to reduce stomach tension and benefits arthritic conditions. It is helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation.

Garnet (Base & Heart Chakra): Success, prosperity, abundance, improve productivity & physical vitality, strength, self-esteem & confidence, grouding, protection. Heals depression, insecurity, weaknesses and release bad karma. Increase libido, metabolism, detoxify blood, cells regeneration. Makes desired success come easier and grasp good fortune.

Fire Agate (Base Chakra): Builds a protective shield around the body, deflecting ill-wishing and harm and reflecting it back to its source. Instill bravery, courage and spiritual fortitude, it reduces fear and to encourage feelings of security and safety. Increase sexual vitality and libido. Reduce cravings of all types, including food and self destructive thoughts and behaviour.