"Black Swan" is made of Silver Sheen Obsidian and Terahertz in gold setting.

Silver Sheen Obsidian (Base & Third Eye Chakra): A very protective stone which shields you against all kinds of negativity. It helps you make your environment pure and simple by absorbing all sorts of negativity from it. It also improves your patience and perseverance. It helps you enhance your meditation powers and helps you maintain the connection between your physical body and your mind, especially during astral projection. It is a grounding and protective stone which helps to alleviate all your deep, unconscious fears.

Terahertz (Crown Chakra): Vitalize energy, prevent worries, stress and anxiety, promote analytical and processing of complex information, speeding up personal growth and success, overcome difficulties and strong mental power, self confidence and not easily influenced by others. Good for overall health and blood circulation. Helps with stiff neck and headaches.

Black Swan