"Dahlia" Fairy Cluster Charms Bracelet is made of Madagascar Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz and Cherry Blossom Agate on rose gold setting. Bold Cluster Charms are made of Keshi Pearl, Rose Quartz and Swarovski Crystals.

Madagascar Rose quartz and Rose Quartz (Heart chakra): A "Love" stone, attracts love, soulmate and improve all relationships, stimulates unconditional love and self-love, understanding of emotions, benefits heart, circulatory system, fertility, depression, sexual dysfunction, acne, anti-aging.

Cherry Blossom Agate (Heart Chakra): perfect stone for entrepreneurs hoping to grow and flourish their business, or for those starting a new endeavor in their lives. Promotes parent and child relationship. Encourages one's full potential to turning your dreams into reality. Pushes the user into their correct life path. It can realign, clear and balance energies in the body, removing stagnation and procrastination into action and presence. Excellent for revealing hidden talents or uncovering potential strengths long left dormant below the surface.

Pearl (Keshi): bring about an emotional balance to a the mind. Helps to cure insomnia, calm stressed nerves and control anger. Pearls eliminate the ill effects of the moon and strengthen the mind, improve self-confidence and create positive energy, strengthen the bond between husband and wife. It is believed that wearing pearl on the day of the wedding brings marital bliss Pearls are sign of prosperity and believed bring good fortune