"Dragon Robe" is inspired from the Qing Dinasty Imperial Dragon Robe. Minghuang, or bright yellow, was reserved for the emperor and the empress dowager, the empress and first rank consorts in formal occasions. "Dragon Robe" bracelet is made of Citrine, yellow tridacna, beige tridacna and grey agates, set on gold hardware.

Citrine (Solar plexus, sacral & crown chakra): Wealth, prosperity, success, joy, manifests goals through creativity, imagination and strong will, removes negativity, enhances physical stamina and energy, supports endocrine system and metabolism. Purges toxins and cellulite.

Tridacna (Crown chakra): Stabilise your mood while clearing worry out of your mind. This will help to balance your mind and emotions which will help to prevent or soothe stress. Enhance the magnetic field of human body, remove annoyance, increase wisdom, protect you and people around. Helps with health care, boost metabolism, anti-aging and prevents osteoporosis relieve palpitation, calm & soothe the nerves. The field of tridacna help sentiment, remove distractions and treat insomnia.

Grey Agate (Root & Crown chakra): Stone of strength, grounding, and protection. It is used for relieving fatigue, releasing positive energy, and removing the influence of negative thoughts and energy. It is often used as a calming stone that brings hidden meaning and information to the surface. This stone will bring you good fortune, and luck. It is often used for bringing love and abundance, it will help you relieve stress and feel better. It is believed that this stone improves brain functions, perception, concentration, and persons analytical abilities. This gemstone enhances mental functions, perception, helps the wearer to overcome negative emotions, trauma, bitterness, and anger.

Dragon Robe

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