"Edelweiss" is made of Seraphinite, Plum Tourmaline, rose quartz and Botswata Agate. set on gold plated hardware.

Seraphinite (Heart Chakra): Promotes well-being, enlightenment, nurturing and love, prevent depression, toxic thoughts and dark emotions. Helps with cellular regeneration and balance. May be beneficial in decreasing the growth and reproduction of all types of cancerous cells. Aids in detoxification and strengthens the liver and kidneys. Stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Plum Tourmaline (Crown & Heart Chakra): Strong feminine or yin vibration. Known to kindle feelings of joy, hope, comfort and support. Brings love and good humor back into your life, and its vibration encourage a more cheerful frame of mind and help you to rise above feelings of misery and sorrow. Heal skin disorders. Release deep fear, and bring compassion and forgiveness to your dealings with others.

Botswana Agate (Base & Root chakra): Excellent to kick off addiction and bad habits, removing negative and toxic energy. Protective stone for the wearer. Promotes inner stability, composure, maturity. Encourage security and self-confidence. Great crystal during pregnancy. Protection amulet when travelling, said to be effective against traffic accidents. Good for skin health, immune system and nervous system. Enhances mental function, concentratuin and percention. Emotional healing which encourages acceptance of love.

Rose quartz (Heart chakra): A "Love" stone, attracts love, soulmate and improve all relationships, stimulates unconditional love and self-love, understanding of emotions, benefits heart, circulatory system, fertility, depression, sexual dysfunction, acne, anti-aging.