"First Dance" Bracelet is made of Green Chalcedony, Red Rutilated Quartz and Milky Quartz set on gold plated hardware. 

Milky Quartz (Crown Chakra) : Strengthen ties with important people, relieve stress, improve concentration, helps with recognition of abilities, achieving results and organizational skills. Brings in innocence and tranquility.

Green Chalcedony (Heart Chakra): Acts as a talisman to ward off evil and negativity. Helps to advance relationships and build an honest and truthful relationship, self esteem, advance your goals and career, awaken hidden talents, supporting mental growth.

Red Rutilated Quartz (Base chakra): Develop relationships, increase passion, finding a suitable match, increase opportunity and potential luck, problem solving. Increase positive energy, detemination, self control and willpower. Helps with lungs related ailments, fertility and cells and tissue generation.

First Dance