"Forest Melody" Fairy Cluster Charms Bracelet is made of Prehnite, Cryshophrase, Peridot and Green Sandstone on gold hardware setting. Fairy Cluster Charms are made of Yellow Agate, Prehnite and Unakite.

Prehnite (Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra): Prehnite is beneficial for careers involving extreme attention to details like accountants, editors, surgeons, nurses, etc. Stimulates the metabolism of fat and accelerates the removal of toxins stored in it. Stimulates all regeneration processes of the body. Eases nightmares, phobias and deep fears uncovering and healing the problems that create them.

Chrysoprase (Sacral & Heart Chakra): Promotes hope, and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. Stimulates creativity and draws out talents. Mend a broken heart, heal relationships and transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Overcome compulsive angry thoughts and behaviour. Stimulates acceptance of oneself and others. It is a strong detoxifying stone. Promotes peaceful night's sleep and preventing nightmares. Balances the hormones and treats the reproductive organs, fertility problems.

Peridot (Heart chakra healing): Attract abundance, luck, positivity, lovem trust, adventure, hope, wealth, enhances liver function, dissolves self blame, assist to own your mistakes, understand your destiny. Discourages anger, jealousy, laziness and egoistic behaviour.

Green Sandstone (Heart Chakra): Help attain one's goals, stay calm and stabilize the emotions. Deflect unwanted energies, making it used as a protection stone and revitalizing one's energy field.

Yellow Agate (Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra): Believed to bring the wearer happiness, wealth, health, longevity willpower, courage, concentration, memory, logic, eloquence and intelligence.

Unakite Jasper (Heart Chakra): Fosters healthy relationships and harmonious partnerships, both in love and in business. Aids the reproductive system, promoting healthy pregnancy. Helps ease the transition in labor.

Forest Melody