"Fortune" is inspired from the Fortune Cat, or Maneki Neko, a lucky cat charm that’s very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures. The Maneki Neko is a talisman that is believed to attract good luck and fortune for its owners. Thus, it’s very common to find a Maneki Neko on display in stores, restaurants and other businesses. The "Fortune Bracelet" is made of cinnabar, ruby, red coral and himalayan rock quartz, set on silver plated hardware.

Cinnabar (Sacral, Third Eye and Root Chakra): Powerful gemstone known as the "Merchant's stone", used for spiritual and personal transformation and is known for its ability to attract wealth success, prosperity and commerce. Represents alchemy, the manifestation of desires, wealth, and healing. Removes negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Confidence and assurance in chosen path of life. Represents longevity to the wearer. Remove fears, resentment and anger. Helps with mental agility, creativity, analytical and ideas and inspirations. Enhances communication skills, persuasion, negotiation and leadership skills. Improves libido, reflexes, vitality, blood related illness and speed up renewal of cells. Strenthen immune & nervous system, also helps in weight loss.

Ruby (Sacral & heart chakra): Aphrosidiac, love, passion, fame, creativity, leadership, power, love, confidence, success. Improves blood circulation.

Red Coral (Base & Root Chakra): Overcome enemies and adversaries, courage, enthusiasm, victory, ambition, financial health and mental health. Helps with various skin problems such as acne, boils. Purify the blood and protect against injuries. Promotes compassion and surpresses anger. Effective for business and love life - makes relationship more passionate. Protects against black magic for the wearer.

Himalayan Rock Quartz (All Chakra) : Himalayan Quartz crystals help one keep calm under pressure, and serene through the storms encountered in life. positive disposition and as a result help one to shield themselves from negativity. Helps with memory enhancement and concentration


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