"Freedom" "is made of tiger eye, gold rutilated quartz, citrine, brown picasso jasper and black tourmalinated quartz on gold plated hardware.


Tiger Eye (Solar plexus chakra): Enhances willpower, focus, determination, patience, resilience, protects against negative energies, increase confidence, optimisim active lifestyle and increase physical strength, grounding, attracts people, beauty, wealth and abundance.


Gold Rutilated Quartz (All Chakras): Development, freedom, well-being, problem solving, intense energy level, creativity, manifest what you desire in your life through power of intention, amplifiers of thoughts, good for fertility, growth and cells regeneration and repair torn tissues, helps with exhaustion.


Citrine (Solar plexus, sacral & crown chakra): Wealth, prosperity, success, joy, manifests goals through creativity, imagination and strong will, removes negativity, enhances physical stamina and energy, supports endocrine system and metabolism. Purges toxins and cellulite.


Picasso Jasper (Sacral & solar plexus): Happiness, celebrate & enjoy life, optimism, openness, positive transformation of relationships., attract positive people into one's life, friendship, renew old friendship, grounding & calming, strength & self-discipline. Useful for eye problems and weight loss.


Black Tourmalinated Quartz (Base & Root chakra): "The remover of obstacles", combines healing properties of quartz and black tourmaline. Acts as an amplifier, cleansing and puriying energy, grounding and protection, restore harmony, clarity and elevate consciousness.


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