"Innocence" is made of marbled amethyst, moonstones and howlite, adorned with silver plated hardware.

Amethyst (Crown chakra): Good Luck, Stress relief, relaxation, restful sleep, addiction breaker, meditation & dream, cell generation, toxin remover, ease higher wisdom/decision making, ease migraines and headaches.

Moonstone (Third eye & crown chakra): New beginnings, abundance, patience, mental balance, balances digestive and reproductive system, fertility, encourages hope, feminine energies, intuition, surpress aggressive behaviour and tendencies, promotes clarity of thoughts and decision making.

Howlite (Crown chakra): Patience, calming, anger management, relief stress and anxiety, calms overactive mind, eases sleep patterns, focus, boosts motivation, ambition and goals realisation, discourages self criticism, balances calcium level in the body.