"Lace Kebaya" is inspired from Peranakan Nyonya Kebaya. It is made of copper rutilated quartz, amethyst, botswana agate and peridot, set on gold plated hardware.

Copper Rutilated Quartz (Crown & Root chakra): Strong amplifiers of thought, activates inspiration, creativity and intention. Illuminates, energizes and cleanses the soul. Removes negativity, enhances physical and mental strength. Reduce fears, depression and loneliness. Helps with cells regeneration and ageing process. Removes energy blockages and helps physical health.

Amethyst (Crown chakra healing): Stress relief, relaxation, restful sleep, addiction breaker, meditation & dream, cell generation, toxin remover, ease higher wisdom/decision making, ease migraines and headaches.

Botswana Agate (Base & Root chakra): Excellent to kick off addiction and bad habits, removing negative and toxic energy. Protective stone for the wearer. Promotes inner stability, composure, maturity. Encourage security and self-confidence. Great crystal during pregnancy. Protection amulet when travelling, said to be effective against traffic accidents. Good for skin health, immune system and nervous system. Enhances mental function, concentratuin and percention. Emotional healing which encourages acceptance of love.

Peridot (Heart chakra healing): Attract abundance, luck, positivity, lovem trust, adventure, hope, wealth, enhances liver function, dissolves self blame, assist to own your mistakes, understand your destiny. Discourages anger, jealousy, laziness and egoistic behaviour.

Lace Kebaya

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