"Lady Luck" is made of Emerald, Dark Aquamarine, Aventurine and Black Agate, set on vintage gold setting.

Emerald (Heart Chakra): Improve his intellectual power and also can gain wisdom. Symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness. Believed to gain profit and to touch the peak of success. Bestows the confidence to its wearer and also helps to gain the power of expression which can lead toward the appreciation. Helps to cure the skin related problems, respiratory problems and nervous system problems. Bestows the love in the relationship and also grants the faithfulness to its wearer, build the better understanding and true love between the couple. 

Dark Aquamarine (Throat chakra): Commmunication & self-expression, optimism, positivity, logical & rational, honesty, beauty, loyalty, intelligence, youth, foresight, happiness and courage. Alleviates anxiety, insomnia, illnesses of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth & throat.

Aventurine (Heart chakra): Career Success, Luck, Opportunity, Creativity, Imagination, Independence, Prosperity, Calmnes, Balance, Heals circulation, Heals congestion.

Black agate (Base chakra): Good fortune, success, concentration, clarity, good will, strength, courage, protection, overcomming flaws, fear and loneliness, alleviates stress. Helps with bone marrow, allergies and reproduction system health.

Lady Luck