"Over the Rainbow" is made of Rainbow Aura Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz, set on silver plated hardware.

Amethyst (Crown chakra healing): Stress relief, relaxation, restful sleep, addiction breaker, meditation & dream, cell generation, toxin remover, ease higher wisdom/decision making, ease migraines and headaches.

Clear Quartz (Crown & Third eye chakra): “The Mother of all Crystals”, amplifies the benefits of other crystals, master healer, positive thoughts, high energy, clarity, restore energy, clear mental blocks and improve focus. Supports nervous system and all organs.

Rainbow Aura Quartz (All Chakras): It is natural Quartz with titanium bonded to the surface of the crystal, giving it a multicoloured rainbow appearance. It gives energy and life to your financial or career goals, outpouring determination and inspiration in succeeding to attain your plans. This may also give you guard from any bad investments, bad decisions, as well as reckless spending of money. It is also said to be great for helping to centre and calm erratic emotions, and to access positive emotions more easily. It helps clarify ones path in life, very helpful for removing energy blockages, whilst cleansing and balancing all Chakras. It strengthens ability to work through any conflicts. Instead of feeling stressed or hopeless about a certain situation, you tackle it with hope and enthusiasm. The crystal is also a general feel-better kind of crystal, which may work in hastening your recovery. This may also work in keeping your general health. It may also provide healing for the ears, brain, and eyes, and the central nervous system.

Over the Rainbow