"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is made of Rose Quartz Pixiu, Citrine, Madagascar Rose Quartz and Honey Tiger Eye, set on gold plated hardware.

Pi Xiu: It has the meaning of bringing in wealth and treasure. Believed to be capable of warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune, guard their homes, assist them from being offended the Grand Duke Jupiter and bring them good luck in love relationship. This Pixiu is made of Madagascar Rose Quartz.

Madagascar Rose quartz (Heart chakra): A "Love" stone, attracts love, soulmate and improve all relationships, stimulates unconditional love and self-love, understanding of emotions, benefits heart, circulatory system, fertility, depression, sexual dysfunction, acne, anti-aging.

Citrine (Solar plexus, sacral & crown chakra): Wealth, prosperity, success, joy, manifests goals through creativity, imagination and strong will, removes negativity, enhances physical stamina and energy, supports endocrine system and metabolism. Purges toxins and cellulite.

Tiger Eye (Solar plexus chakra): Enhances willpower, focus, determination, patience, resilience, protects against negative energies, increase confidence, optimisim active lifestyle and increase physical strength, grounding, attracts people, beauty, wealth and abundance.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms