"Silk Road" is made of Citrine, Moonstone, Sunstone and Angel Aura Quartz, set on gold plated hardware.

Citrine (Solar plexus, sacral & crown chakra): Wealth, prosperity, success, joy, manifests goals through creativity, imagination and strong will, removes negativity, enhances physical stamina and energy, supports endocrine system and metabolism. Purges toxins and cellulite.

Angel Aura Quartz (Crown chakra): Chakra clearing, enhances body and energy fields, powerful for insights. Great for physical trauma & hurt, emotional toxicity and multi-dimensional healing. 

Sunstone (Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra): "Stone of leadership", Increases luck and fortune. Good nature, intuition, allows the real self to shine in happiness. Ward-off fear, stress, dependency and insecurities. Increase energy levels and vitality. Encourages independence, originality, freedom, self-empowerment, confidence and self-worth, sensuality, romance, optimism, enthusiasm and speaking up one's mind. Enjoyment in life and giving a sense of abundance and satisfaction. Sunstone warms the body, increasing metabolism, digestion, and vitality. It stimulates self-healing powers, regulating and harmonizing all of the organs.

Moonstone (Third eye & crown chakra): New beginnings, abundance, patience, mental balance, balances digestive and reproductive system, fertility, encourages hope, feminine energies, intuition, surpress aggressive behaviour and tendencies, promotes clarity of thoughts and decision making.

Silk Road