Sweet Harvest is inspired from all the sweet and happy things in life. It is made of Kunzites, Himalayan Rock Quartz, Amazonite and Aquamarine, set on silver plated hardware.

Kunzite (Heart chakra): "Stone of Emotions" and "Woman's Stone", helps young mothers who are having tough time taking care of young children, inner peace, high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding, relieve heartbreak and open to unconditional love, kindness and compassion, happiness, ease fears and worries of the future, acts as a protective stone when superiors bring personal dislikes or problems to work. Kunzite may be beneficial in treating hormone-linked migraines, the reproductive system in women. It’s a stone that can bring the wearer lots of blessings, good luck, and prosperity. Wearing this stone will bless you with good fortune. Confidence to push dreams for your career and fortune forwards, breaks down communication barriers.

Aquamarine (Throat chakra): Commmunication & self-expression, optimism, positivity, logical & rational, honesty, beauty, loyalty, intelligence, youth, foresight, happiness and courage. Alleviates anxiety, insomnia, illnesses of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth & throat.

Amazonite (Heart chakra): "Stone of Courage and Truth". Relieves muscles spasms, calming, soothes emotional trauma, promotes creativity, personal growth, objectivity and balance of emotions, Discover one's truth and integrity. Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within nervous system, fear of judgment or confrontation to live in alignment with beliefs and values.

Himalayan Rock Quartz (All Chakra) : Himalayan Quartz crystals help one keep calm under pressure, and serene through the storms encountered in life. positive disposition and as a result help one to shield themselves from negativity. Helps with memory enhancement and concentration.

Sweet Harvest

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  • How to measure my wrist for the bracelet order?

    For all bracelet orders, you will need to measure your wrist using a clothing measuring tape. Kindly indicate only the actual wrist measurement without extra space allowance, Do not indicate loose wrist measurement as this will cause the bracelet size to be inaccurate.