White Lily is made of Tridacna, Moonstones, White Cat Eye and Maifanite, set on gold plated hardware.

Maifanite (Crown Chakra): is also called the Medicine Stone. Improves learning, memory and general health. Enhances youth, health and luck. Helps the body to recover from a weakened state. Helps with getting out of dilllema situation and prevent the wearer from being influenced by others.

Moonstone (Third eye & crown chakra): New beginnings, abundance, patience, mental balance, balances digestive and reproductive system, fertility, encourages hope, feminine energies, intuition, surpress aggressive behaviour and tendencies, promotes clarity of thoughts and decision making.

Tridacna (Crown Chakra): Protection against negative energies. It calms one’s mind, enhance wisdom and promote good energy flow. Health boosting benefits such as increasing metabolism, preventing osteroporosis and anti-aging properties. Help treats insomnia and removes distractions

White Cat Eye (Crown Chakra): Helps with creativity, success, positive energy and preventing negativity.

White Lily